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Help with your PPL Training
Welcome to the PPL Mania UK Training section. Here you will find information about studying for your PPL. If there is something you would like to see that is not listed then please feel free to contact us.
  PPL Sample Exams
Are you studying for the PPL ground examinations? We have teamed up with AirQuiz to bring you 20 sample questions on each of the exams: Air Law, Aircraft General, Flight Performance, Human Performance, Meteorology, Navigation and Radiotelephony.
 What’s involved in getting a PPL
A great place to start! Read about obtaining your PPL. We tell you is needed to complete the the JAA PPL flying course. If are just starting out then this is recommended reading.
Aviation Weather Charts
Stay safe! Always be sure to check the weather each time before you fly. We give you weather charts for the UK and Europe from an overall summary to wind speeds.
Common Questions about the JAA PPL
Here is a comprehensive list of question that we find PPL students asking before or during their PPL course. This section relates to the JAA syllabus.
FAQ’s relating to NPPL
We list the questions that we find NPPL students asking before or during their NPPL course. This section relates to the NPPL syllabus.
UK Flight Schools
Check out PPL Mania’s definitive directory of UK flight schools.
 Airport ICAO Codes
A list of the UK airport’s and airfield’s ICAO codes.
Aviation Health Zone
Know the different effects flying can do to you when flying. We give you an in-depth look in to the effects of Hypoxia and pilot fatigue.
Aircraft Country Codes
Ever wanted to know where an aircraft is registered by the aircraft’s call sign prefix? We list all the different country codes and what country or countries they belong to.
Aviation Terminology
Aviation acronyms galore! Know the different acronyms within aviation by checking out our aviation glossary of terms.
Dear Rotorhead
Have a helicopter question or a question that relates to getting your PPL(H)? Well help is at hand, PPL Mania’s ‘Dear Rotorhead’ can answer your questions.
To follow shortly on PPL Mania:Airfield, Aerodrome and Airport Search

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